National Museum of Banat

The National Museum of Banat is a museum in Timișoara, Romania, headquartered in Huniade Castle. It was founded in 1872 by the Society of History and Archeology of Banat on the initiative of the prefect of the then Temes County Zsigmond Ormós. It hosts the largest collection of archeological objects in Banat.

Address: Maria Theresia Bastion, Strada Martin Luther 4, Timișoara 305500

Tuesday to Sunday from 10AM – 6PM

Phone0256 491 339

I cordially extend to you an invitation to witness my art exhibit, which is currently on display at the esteemed National Museum of Banat (Bastion). It would be my utmost pleasure to have you as my guest and share with you the beauty and inspiration behind my creations.

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