Divine Embrace Mary and Baby Jesus


100×70 cm (See more paintings 100×70 cm)
Acrylic and oil on canvas
Wooden frame included

Commission Mihai Teodor Olteanu
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                Artwork signed by the artist
               Certificate of Authenticity included


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Introducing our awe-inspiring new painting titled “Divine Embrace: Mary and Baby Jesus” – a breathtaking portrayal of love, grace, and spirituality. This exquisite artwork, measuring 70 cm in width by 100 cm in height, captures a sacred moment between the Blessed Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus in a beautifully rounded composition.

At the heart of the painting stands the Virgin Mary, radiant and serene, cradling Baby Jesus in her loving arms. Her tender gaze conveys a sense of profound motherly affection, while her other hand gently holds a book, symbolizing her wisdom and devotion.

Baby Jesus, with eyes uplifted to the heavens, exudes an aura of innocence and purity. His connection to the divine is palpable, capturing the essence of spiritual enlightenment and divine revelation.

The backdrop of the painting features a soothing spectrum of green shades, representing renewal, growth, and harmony. Gold leaf and yellow accents encircle the circular composition, evoking a sense of heavenly radiance and divine presence.

Enhancing the artwork’s presentation is a slim golden wooden frame, adding an element of elegance and reverence to the piece. The frame beautifully complements the painting’s sacred theme, accentuating the divine nature of the scene.

Furthermore, the painting is thoughtfully paired with a white wooden passe-partout, providing a refined border that enhances the artwork’s center. The passe-partout also serves to draw the viewer’s focus towards the profound connection between Mary and Baby Jesus, enriching the overall viewing experience.

“Divine Embrace: Mary and Baby Jesus” is an extraordinary piece of art that encapsulates the essence of spiritual devotion and divine love. Its timeless appeal makes it a cherished addition to any sacred space, be it a place of worship, a serene prayer corner, or an art collector’s sanctuary.

With its exquisite detailing, emotional depth, and premium framing, this painting is a true testament to the artist’s devotion and skill. Invite the divine presence into your home or art collection with this captivating masterpiece, and let it inspire a sense of reverence and inner peace that will resonate with both art enthusiasts and seekers of spiritual solace alike.

– Olteanu Art gallery

Artwork signed by the artist

Yes, signed by the artist on the front

Certificate of authenticity





Yes, wooden frame


Acrylic, Oil on Canvas

Ready to hang



In a wooden box

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